Fiber-cement siding has the look of quality wood siding but has a lower cost and lower maintenance than real wood. Fiber-cement products are also extremely durable to resist damage from hail, flying debris and other objects.   Additional benefits include extreme resistance to termites and fire. Fiber-cement siding will not rot, buckle, warp, crack, delaminate and holds paint for several years longer than conventional wood siding.
Vinyl siding is popular because it requires minimal upkeep and can be installed over most existing sidewalls. It simulates the appearance of wood, and is one of the most durable, practical and efficient siding products on the market. Vinyl siding comes in an assortment of styles, colors and price points to fit the taste and budget of any home buyer. Made with premium vinyl compounds and ultraviolet inhibitors, these products can withstand the harshest climates year-round. Colors penetrate clear through the substrate so that, unlike on wood or metal, scratches cannot show. Nor are there worries about streaking, peeling or warping. Vinyl siding products also retain their color and appearance for years.